Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Feature: Diana Warner

Posh wants you to get to know some of our designers:

Diana Warner Caroll is a New York jewelry designer. Ever since she was a child she has been creating art inspired buy two opposite worlds: Her brothers, sports and outdoors as well as glittery art class, dancing and glamour. Only four years ago her dream to become a jewelry designer started to take shape. She used many different materials, colors and shapes to create her unique but classic designs. 
Recently Diana has an eye opening experience in Africa that introduced her to a third influence. She spent six weeks in Africa and  noticed the raw natural beauty of a third world country taken over by poverty, disease and devastation, especially in association with AIDS. She has incorporated this new simplistic inspiration into her recent designs. Diana has taken a calling to advocating AIDS awareness and her studio creates art daily that profits AIDS awareness.

Come into Posh and see all of our new Diana Warner Jewelery and to learn more about her and her designs visit her website: Diana Warner Studio site
And follow her on twitter: 

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