Monday, December 21, 2009

The Perfect Holiday Wish List

Last -minute Christmas shopping?
We know the feeling...
... which is why we put together for you the perfect holiday wish-list to making Posh your
One-Stop Shop for Christmas presents this year!
Women's #1. The Infinity Scarf (by Dana Herbert)
Try a fun, modern take on an old Christmas gift classic! We carry them in brown, black, purple and teal.
Women's #2. The Sleeveless Collection (by Kyah Hillis and Jessica Maros).
Not only are these bracelets beautifully crafted with leather and sparkling stones, they also come with one of the gorgeous vintage boxes shown above.

Women's #3. Deepa Gurnani Headbands
These make for a beautiful and one-of-a-kind gift. These wrap-around headbands will keep you head-ache free, and each one is handcrafted and unique.

Mens' #1. The Fedora
Come and see our selection of hats by San Diego Hat Company and Diesel. Y
ou'll find them in brown, black and grey.... plaid, corduroy and pinstripe.

Men's #2. Denim.
As always, we have a wide selection of men's denim featuring styles by Diesel, G. Star Raw, William Rast, Genetic and Privacy.

Men's #3 - Belts! We've got tons of them!
Styles by Diesel, G.Star and Just Cavalli come in black, dark and light browns with both silver and gold detailing.
We hope to see you soon at Posh!

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