Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not Your Mama's Capri...

Hudson Jean's 'Emily' super skinny crop stretch jean

"My legs are too short...They'll make my hips look wide...I'm not in my twenties, I can't pull that off...." Each of these phrases have echoed from dressing rooms for years. While shoppers have criticized everything from platforms, to leggings, to the color yellow for goodness sakes, perhaps no trend has come under fire more than the controversial skinny jean. For others of us who know better, the skinny jean has been a staple item for several seasons. As a stylist, it has been my pleasure to introduce many women, and men alike, to the surprisingly flattering, usually comforabtle and always fashionable world of the skinny jean. I mean afterall, what other pant can show off your stilletto, not drag under your flip flop and slide perfectly into your boot?! Now that's versatility, ladies and gentlemen... and a wise investment, if I do say so myself.

This season, we skinny-jean-lovers have been introduced, or shall we say re-introduced to an effortlessly sexy style that came and went around the late 90s/ early 2000s. About as threatening as Y2K, the capri pant was an easy look to try and allowed everyone from teengae fashionistas to stylish grandmas the option to show a little leg. This look had worked for the Grease generation, and even still, it made sense. I'll never forget the first time, in 7th grade, I wore my new black capris. The guys didn't get it, but I didn't care; afterall, they could choke on their pooka-shell necklaces, and I persoanally didn't understand why their AE cargo shorts need boast 15 pockets? Let's just say, the capri worked... and I knew I looked good. A decade later, fashion has evolved. Needless to say, most of us realized more than 5 pockets was slightly excessive and traded our cargos in for a more tailored, less Army-Ranger look. Still, expert denim companies such as Hudson Jeans remember the popularity of the capri pant and, in fusing this style with the versatile skinny, have created a hot look for summer.

Why then, you ask, is Stacy London continuing to toss capris weekly on What Not To Wear? Unlike the capri pants of my middle school days, today's cropped pants have a sexier, edgier, more-elongating look. One key difference, the crop is only slightly above the ankle; also, stiff denim blends, create a tailored, sleek look. If you see a pleat... run! Today's cropped skinny, like the traditional skinny jean, should allow for a sexy night time look with a completely exposed pump or wedge, while transitioning nicely into day, shamelessly showing off a tanned ankle and cute summer flat. And looking forward into fall, who's to know what's hiding easily beneath that riding boot? We won't tell. Ask your POSH stylist about the Hudson 'Emily' cropped skinny today and see why it's one of our favorites!

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